First Aid at Actions







The Netherlands has been familiar with the concept of Street Medics under the name: Eerste Hulp Bij Acties (EHBA) for quite a while. EHBA essentially translates to: people providing first aid at demonstrations and actions who ideologically are clearly on the side of the demonstrators. They define and understand themselves as being neutral medically, but politically they align themselves with the demonstrators. Although actions organised by the extreme right are neither supported nor attended by Street Medics, it should be understood that although they aim to stay independent, Street Medics (at demonstrations) will always try to solve problems and help those in need according to the range of their possibilities and knowledge.

Street Medics adapt general First Aid rules to demonstration and action situations. In instances where official First Aid organisations, such as the Red Cross and ambulances disappear behind police lines, Street Medics stay on the side of the protesters, where the potential for injury is greater. In this way Street Medics offer their help to injured protestors as comrades. They also attempt to prevent further injury.

Although based in the Netherlands, EHBA does not only join/support local actions and demonstrations. Together with the growing globalisation movement, EHBA is also getting better organized internationally.
Communication, organisation and skill-sharing between Street Medic groups in different locations is growing. EHBA is ready to join international actions either as part of a combined Street Medic initiative or as part of an independent medical support group collective.

If you are organising either a demonstration or an action, remember that many incidences can happen, no matter how well prepared everyone is. EHBA/Street Medics cannot prevent the injuries and accidents that can happen, but we can attampt to minimise the negative impacts and effects.

If you want first aid to be provided during either a demonstration or an action, contact us wellahead of time, so that we can prepare ourselves appropriately to help. For contact and further information go to "contact

Street Medics are not the only people involved in EHBA, and vice versa. We are always looking for more people with medical background and experience (e.g. First Aid certification) who may be interested to join and/or support us during demonstrations. For more information go to "contact".